Def Hacks Worldwide 3.0 is a 36-hour long hackathon for high school and college students. Here, we will support young innovators and build a strong community of developers who will tackle world problems using technology. 

Don’t know how to code? No problem - there is an amazing line-up of beginner workshops coached by CS YouTubers, where you can learn new skills to use in projects. We will also have Michael Siebel (Managing Director at YC, Co-founder of Twitch), Viral Shah (Co-Founder of Julia Computing language), and Josh Starmer (Founder of StatQuest), along with many more notable speakers to share their valuable knowledge. To support innovators in creating the projects of their dreams, we’ll have professional mentors to give hackers advice, plan, and help them debug! 

In the end, students will be allowed to submit projects to various tracks such as our Venture Capitalist track, Covid-19, and our Beginner and Advanced track, or our Sponsored tracks, each offering their winnable prizes!

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$11,186 in prizes

Beginner track Prize (3)

Any project can be submitted to this track! The only requirement is that all the members of the team must be considered "beginner" coders. This means that they fall into one of the following categories:

Less than 2 years of CS experience.
First hackathon
High school student

1st place: $200
2nd place: $150
3rd place: $100

Advanced Track Prize (3)

Any project can be submitted to this track, and anyone can submit to this track as well! Beginners are allowed to submit to this track as well, but please note that this track will be more competitive.

This track is open to ALL STUDENTS.


1st place: $200
2nd place: $150
3rd place: $100

Venture Capitalist(VC) Track Prize (3)

Any Project that is a model for a startup idea is to be submitted to this track! The main requirement is that the project itself is a model and a pitchable project for a startup. Alongside with Monetary prize, the 3 winning teams pitch their startup idea(must have the track project) to a venture capitalist after the hackathon ends.

Covid-19 Track Prize (3)

Any project that relates to combatting Covid-19 and its effects on daily life in any way can be submitted to this track! This track is open to ALL STUDENTS.

Best UI/UX Track Prize

Any project with any topic can be submitted to this track. The team with the best UI/UX design of their hack win monetary prizes and Sketch Liscenses(for every member in a team).

Machine Learning Challenge (3)

Any project that has the best and most interesting use and implementation of Machine Learning can be submitted to this track! A SashiDo sponsored track, rewarding the top 3 projects with prize money, a blog post about the top projects, a special prize, and potentially an internship.

Best TwilioQuest Extension (3)

If you’re into gaming and want to level up your coding skills, TwilioQuest has you covered. TwilioQuest lets you play while you learn about popular programming languages, development environments and even web services! Your mission, should you accept it, is to build your own level, using the TwilioQuest starter code, for a chance to win a 10 inch Picade & Raspberry Pi 4! The second and third prize winners win some cool swag from TwilioQuest.

Best use of SAWOLabs API

Any project that uses the SAWO Labs API for building their authentication system will be eligible for this track. The prizes are -

• $100 Prize to winning team
• 1-month free Inaugurate Tier access
• Feature in our Blogs & Articles
• SAWO funds 100% of the Playstore / App store subscription fee for the best mobile apps.
• SAWO funds 100% of the hosting fee for the best web-apps
• For extra special products - Special opportunity to pitch your hack to VCs and Investors in SAWO’s Pitch day Hack

Best Web App with Qoom

Any project that uses the Qoom platform can be submitted to this track. The prizes are -

• 1-year Pro Plan package (one per team, $140 value)
• Invitation to Qoom Creator Group ( (An invite-only 12-week SW apprenticeship program. It's a unique opportunity to build up web dev skills with mentoring from industry experts)
• Featured on Qoom Project Gallery(

Coil Web Monetization Challenge Prize (3)


Participation Perks and raffles

All registered hackers will be eligible for the following perks-

• 6 months of Voiceflow PRO
• 3-month Qoom Starter Plan ($20 value per person)
• OpenAI API keys

Raffles -

• AoPS coupons ($25 coupons)
• Def Hacks merch and swag
• Airpods pro ($249)
• 300 .xyz coupons

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Def Hacks Organizers
Def Hacks

Volunteer Judges

Volunteer Judges
Def Hacks

Judging Criteria

  • Innovative
    Is the hack innovative? Is the hack creative and functions without error? Check each individual track for more detailed information on the criteria that will be used to judge the projects in each track.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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